I have searched your website and can't find more specifics on your products, where can I find this information?

Specifics such as pricing, product information and availability via the website are available exclusively to Members. However, if you are a importer/distributor, you can always give us a call at +86-13819965980 or email sales@vifachina.comand we will be happy to share information about our products with you.


I am an importer/distributor, how do I become a Vifa Website Member?

Call our Sales Department at +86-13819965980 or email sales@vifachina.com and mention that you want to become a Website Member. Existing Vifa customers, depending on your type of account, will usually be granted access within one business day. New Vifa customers will typically be granted access within one business days after completion of first order.


 So are you saying that I have to purchase from Vifa before I can gain access to your website? 

Yes, purchasing is a prerequisite to become a Vifa Website Member. Vifa honors business partnership. Our aim is to eliminate your local competitors using our strategic custom manufacturing service. If you are not yet a customer of Vifa, you will not be granted an access our website. Once you become a VIFA customer, you will have access to a customer service experts who will quickly evaluate your business and suggest products that will produce the products you need. That, coupled with low minimum orders and one of the fast delivery and pricing in the industry.This is the reason why Vifa customers are so loyal and profitable. We help you save time and money! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call our Sales Department at  +86-13819965980 or email sales@vifachina.com


 Why do I have to be a Vifa Customer to gain access, can't you just give me a temporary password? 

No, in order to better serve our customers, we have built our website to provide one of the most personalized and easy-to-useproduct development and ordering platform. You will better understand once you start to work with Vifa.


 If I do become a Member, what should I expect to see on Vifa's website? 

Here are just a few benefits of what Vifa Website Members are able to do:

  • Have exclusive accessto the comprehensiveproduct line for customization in your local market/industry.
  • Ability to track shipments, review all orders and history of your account
  • Have access to Vifa Website Member Only deals
  • Have access to new product everyday

 I am already a Member, are all the prices and delivery date listed in website accurate? 

Not exactly. All prices and delivery date are based on our standard method of manufacturing for reference only. Final prices and delivery date will be based on your quantity, printing, packaging and other specific custom requirement. Nevertheless, our goal is to save your time&money and deliver quality custom products always. 


What payment method would you accept?

We currently accept T/T, L/C,Paypal, Westunion... If you’d like to use other method of payment, please talk to our customer service.


What shipping method would you do?

We do ocean and air shipment both. You can use your own shipping forwarder. Or you can use ours. We have good shipping discount rate with many major logistic companies in the world.

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